Residents Association

Credenhill/ Forest Park/Netherlands Residents Association (CFN)

An Introduction from the Chairperson.

Your residents association was formed in July 2003, and is fully constituted with Lisburn City Council. This means the association can facilitate events such as the annual Christmas Tree event and it has allowed it to purchase a lawnmower to cut the grass in green open spaces close to the Church and at the entrance to Credenhill Park. The purpose of the association is solely to improving the quality of life for everyone in the area through improving the local environment or indeed improving Community Safety in the area. Since its inception it has sought to enhance the quality of life for all who live in this area by working closely with the Council (by receiving plants in the summer which are planted near the Church), the DOE Roads Service (for replacing or improving lighting in the area). and the local PSNI to ensure our area is safe for everyone. I hope you agree that our area has vastly improved.
Additionally, the association organises charitable activities on an annual basis which are open to the whole community and everyone is welcome to enjoy a good night’s entertainment for a very worthwhile cause. Every Friday night, members of our community carry out litter picking in the Upper Dunmurry Lane/Old Golf Course Road areas to keep our local environment attractive for its residents and for those that travel through it. This litter picking is in addition to the litter picking service the Council effects and canvassing resident’s views of matters relating to the local environment.
The residents association consists of about five local people who have worked tirelessly to improve our area for them and for you. They have tremendous civic pride in the area and I am sure you will appreciate that this can be clearly seen in the area. Without their sterling service our area would be a worse place to live in. As such, I deeply admire the members of the Association and the support I receive from some members of our community for their commitment and unstinting voluntary work.  I would love to see more people taking a greater interest in our community.  To that end, I would urge you to seriously consider becoming involved in whatever time you can offer; be that an hour a month or, perhaps, a little more. I should emphasise that I am not looking you to give up significant amounts of your personal time, just a very small part. I really hope you can. The benefits will be greater to you and to our community.

If you would be willing to give one hour per month or seek further information about the Association please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.

Bernard Moane
(Mobile Number: 07817377176)