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Young parishioners cross community trip to Uganda

On the 18th of August 2012 I set out for Africa with a team of 10 young people from across Europe . Our trip was organised by Kairos (, an ecumenical network  of students and our aim was to work, live and serve for two weeks in Uganda. We partnered with local missionary charity African Childrens Mission (ACM). Through the compassionate work and local knowledge of ACM, we were able to link with a family in need both materially and socially. Due to the stigma attached to mental health issues, from which both Mother and daughter suffered, they had become ostracised from the local community and cut off from their care and support. We were able to re-mud the family house to provide  basic protection from the elements and insects. We were also able to link this family back to their own community in a small way by working with locals and focusing the attention of the community on the family.

Please take a moment to watch the video report below about my trip:

We visited a number of rural schools where we painted 3 classrooms and ran a program of activities for the kids including drama, music, games and passing on a message of faith.  We worked with many amazing local people and the work they do continues.

In Uganda I could see that there was great lack; of infrastructure, water, security. But I also came to see that there is a great abundance of the joy and life, challenges and struggles of humanity experienced by us all.

I'm somewhat overwhelmed by all the need there is in the world, but as I process this experience I am also rejuvenated by the knowledge that as I open my life to Gods vision and power, he can and will use me to impact lives and build up his Kingdom.

I want to thank the parish for all the support you offered me on this trip through encouragement, prayer and of course financially. If not for the very generous response of the people of Our Lady Queen of Peace, I wouldn't have been there. Thanks and God bless

Check out the video of the trip!

John Robinson