Apostolic Work

A branch of the Apostolic Work was established in the parish in 2011. The role of its members is to support theChurch's Mission abroad both spiritually and materially. Material support would traditionally involve making  vestments and providing Sacred Vessels etc. While this still forms part of the support, fund raising is the primary focus today. The distinctive feature of Apostolic Work is that their support is given directly to the Missions through applications from Priests and Sisters working there. In return the missionaries will give an account of how the monies  have been spent and how their projects are developing.

The late Bishop Cahal Daly, summed up the association as " a great Irish women's missionary force". We try to live up to this. The group meet once a month in the Committee room of the Church and would welcome new members at any time. Details of forthcoming meetings will be published in the Parish Bulletin. Just come along.