Pastoral Council

On Sunday 30 September the new members of the  Pastoral Council were commissioned by the retired Bishop of Down and Connor Bishop Patrick Walsh at one of our Sunday Masses. From left to right, Brendan Mc Poland Glengoland Avenue, Joan Mc Keever The Park, Adrian Beirne Corrina Avenue, Danny O Connor  Credenhill Park,  Martha Sweeney Corrina Avenue, Damian O Neill Cotlands Green, Olive Cunningham Glengoland Gardens, Sean Higgins Glengoland Avenue, Bridie Maye Ashley Park, Sean Cullen Corrina Park.

Fr Mc Bride is President of the Council, Danny O Connor has been elected Chair and Brendan Mc Poland is Secretary.
The council has completed a formation programme hosted by the Diocesan Living Church team and their first term of office is for three years.

The parish Pastoral Council  is a leadership group which brings together  lay men and women from different parts of the parish to be co-responsible with the priest  in furthering the mission of Christ here in our own parish. It is a means by which all parishioners can be part of discussions that relate to the spiritual and pastoral development of the Parish. The first Pastoral Council was  established in our Parish in 2004. The council meets about once a month and a summary of the focus of our discussions are posted below.

Pastoral Council Update, Summer 2013
The new Parish Pastoral Council was commissioned by Bishop Walsh at the end of 2012. Since then the main business of the Council has been to produce a Pastoral Plan identifying priorities and actions for the next three years. The Plan will cover the four areas of
*Liturgy and Worship
*Parish Community
*Education and Formation
*Outreach to the poor, sick, suffering and marginalized
The planning process has now been completed and the Plan is being documented over the summer. It will be presented to parishioners and the Bishop in early autumn 2013.

Click to download the Parish Pastoral Plan published in Advent 2013

Click to download a summary handout of the Parish Pastoral Plan published in Advent 2013