Society of St Martha

The society is a group of volunteers who, following the example of their patron, offer hospitality to the rest of the parish community by providing a housekeeping service for our Church.

They have organised themselves into teams and quietly ensure that our Church is always clean, tidy and welcoming.

If you feel you could help and would like to join the Society please contact any of the existing members or the parish priest. Or simply go along and meet them on duty. The times are in the Weekly Bulletin.

The Flower Group

The Flower Group provide floral arrangements and liturgical displays to enhance the celebrations which take place in our beautiful modern Church. The colour of the flowers reflect the different liturgical seasons- yellow and white for Easter, red for Pentecost, purple for Lent etc.. By including other items we try and interpret the liturgical season in the displays e.g. a lighted flame and tea-lights at Pentecost, in Lent, a display with the theme of ‘journey’ and so on. In line with current trends and to make our floral arrangements appeal to all ages we choose more modern, simple and yet bold arrangements which suit our Church so well. Some of our work is displayed above.

The group meet every Friday after the 9.30 Mass, or as and when required for major feasts. We rely on the support and donations from  parishioners, whose generosity was shown at a recent fund raiser in May. We are a small group and would welcome any help, so if you can spare the time and enjoy flowers or liturgical art come along and join us.


Click here to download the Cleaning Rota