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Offertory Collection

All easing of restrictions in our parish churches have been, in line with diocesan recommendations, introduced after each parish Covid team has conducted a risk assessment for their individual church. In the light of the latest risk assessment conducted by the Covid team for this parish, we are re-introducing the offertory baskets. Collectors for the different quadrants have been identified and starting on the 4thAugust the baskets for your parish offerings will be presented at each seat, giving you an opportunity to make your personal donation. Some persons, understandably, may still be anxious about passing the basket along the pew, but having sought advice, we wish to reassure you that, in conjunction with the use of your own personal hand sanitizer and the limited contact time involved in passing the basket along the seat, the risk of contracting the virus through such an exercise is minimal.

Many persons, throughout the pandemic continued to support this church through their donations. Your generosity, in the face of such difficult times, financially, is truly appreciated; now, with the offertory baskets being re-introduced, we are in a position to build upon such generosity and help meet the increasing costs which the church, like every other organisation faces.

Thank you


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